Hike & Cycle

market information as starting point for policy

Hicle marketing & consultancy

Cycling and hiking are the way ahead! That is our firm conviction. On the basis of our experience we will be pleased to help you utilise the opportunities which cycling and hiking provide. This can be the making of a marketing plan, delivering the relevant market information or consultancy on cycling and hiking projects.

How do you promote your destination as a cycling or hiking destination?

Market intelligence

Knowledge is power, according to the well-known axiom. It also holds true in the development of cycling and hiking tourism. The composition of target group profiles, on the basis of market information, form the foundations for defining a policy or the measures that need to be taken. Which channels should you take to reach your target audience? What are their views, their level of income, etc? We are happy to supply the available data and help you create these profiles.

Destination marketing

Many regions are making a conscious effort to draw more cyclists and hikers into their area. The only question is: how do you do it? How do you reach the target group in renowned cycling and hiking countries like the Netherlands and Belgium? Hicle is well acquainted with the target group in those countries. We know the cycling and hiking journalists, the media and organisations oriented towards the target group. We will be happy to make a marketing plan to achieve the required goals.

Consultancy: transform your region

How do you get cycling and hiking to a region with few or non existent facilities? In other words, how do you turn a region into a thriving cycling and hiking destination? Our method comprises the making of an inventory, the definition of the conditions and the making of a plan of approach. We also make an inventory of the required budget and the income the project will generate. Further we give specific advice during the work on the project itself.

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