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Hiking and Cycling Fairs

The Hiking & Cycling Fairs – Fiets en Wandelbeurs – mark the start of a new hiking and cycling season in the Netherlands and Belgium. More than 850 exhibitors from the tourism, outdoor and bicycle industry are joining us. They are coming into contact with about 45,000 enthusiastic recreational hikers and cyclists.

Fiets en Wandelbeurs - Hiking & Cycling Fairs

The Fairs offer a broad and complete program. A mix of commercial offerings with a substantive lecture program, a large bicycle test track, information markets with volunteers and activities such as a climbing wall, barefoot path and ‘bicycle painting’.

The Hiking and Cycling Fairs are the largest of its kind in Europe and possibly even in the world.

The right audience

Enthusiastic, genuinely interested in what’s on offer and on the look out for specific information. This sums up the kind of visitors generally drawn to the fair each year. Many exhibitors say they are the ‘best and most pleasant group of visitors’ they have ever encountered at events.

Further on, the visitors of these events consist of people who:

  • are of all age groups, a clear emphasis on people aged over 40
  • are predominantly higher educated
  • have a good income
  • have the means and leisure time to make hiking and cycling trips
  • wants to acquire outdoor equipment, and purchase a good quality bike
  • also opt for ‘hicling’ holidays with children, mountain bike routes, and other outdoor activities such as kayaking and fishing

Upcoming Hiking & Cycling Fairs

Jaarbeurs Utrecht, 19th & 20th February 2021.
In combination with E-bike Xperience. A ticket for one event, gives also  access to the other.

Flanders Expo in Ghent, 13th and 14th of February 2021.
In combination with E-bike Challenge and Mount Expo. A ticket for one event, gives also access to the other events.

Website exhibitors: www.hicle-events.com

Website visitors:
www.fietsenwandelbeurs.nl (Netherlands)
www.fietsenwandelbeurs.be (Belgium)

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