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USA Bike Tours

Discovering the US by bike

Our goal at USA Bike Tours is to promote cycling tourism. We are touring cyclists ourselves, we have insight into what we think cyclists are looking for in a holiday, and we are enthusiastic about finding new destinations as well. 

USA Bike Tours is a way to easily find your tour, our website is designed to be user friendly, with a tour finder that filters for degree of difficulty, location, date, as well as level of accommodation, level of support, and trip length, even what kind of bike you want to ride.

Once you have found a tour that interests you, you can send us a request and we will give you more information or answer any questions you might have, you can even book your tour right from the website.  

We partner with local tour operators that specialize and are experts in their region, to bring you tours that meet our exacting standards for what we feel a bike tour should offer, not limited to but including local culture and food, a knowledge of the roads, accommodations with local charm, and the history of what makes each place special. And what the customer gets with USA Bike Tours is an easy way to find those tours in one convenient place. 

Find your bicycle tour in the USA at www.usabiketours.com