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The magazine E! provides the answers to many of the questions which consumers have about e-bikes, presents the latest models and trends and carries reports about e-bike friendly destinations.

The future is E!

The electric bicycle market is growing very rapidly. In 2015, there were already 1.4 million e-bike owners in the Netherlands, and about 30% of all bicycle sales in this country is an e-bike. But the e-bike is not only conquering the Netherlands. Also in Belgium, the market for e-bikes is rapidly growing. Further on, for many tourists the electric bicycle is the ideal mode of transport to explore their holiday destination. And of course the electric bicycle provides an opportunity to stimulate (cycling) tourism. E! responds to these developments and reaches the right target audience in the right place.

E-bike events

In 2018, the magazine was distributed free of charge to visitors of the E-bike Challenge in Flanders Expo in Ghent, ‘Fiets en Wandelbeurs’ (Hiking and Cycling Fairs) and e-bike Xperience in Utrecht . During these events, visitors tested a wide variety of e-bike models on the biggest bicycle test-tracks in Europe. E! is also be available online as a specially designed e-magazine for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Read the most recent edition of E! digital. Only in Dutch.

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