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Imagine a world where you can hike and cycle in the most comfortable, clean, safe way as possible. We invite you to join us in making these dreams become reality!

Hicle promotes and stimulates the development of hiking and cycling, for tourism and everyday life. From organizing events, websites and consulting your region to become a thriving cycling and hiking destination, we are here to help you.

Our facts

Step through the history of our Cycling and Hiking Fairs in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Mechelen, Antwerp, Ghent and Minneapolis USA.

Bike capital Amsterdam


Fietsvakantiebeurs en Wandelmarkt. The very first edition.

Fietsvakantiebeurs en Wandelmarkt

This was the year we organized our first fair: Fietsvakantiebeurs en Wandelmarkt (Cycling Vacation Fair and Hiking market) at the Amsterdam RAI. The fair attracted 7,800 visitors and 120 exhibitors.


Fiets en Wandelbeurs

We decided to change the name to ‘Fiets en Wandelbeurs’ (Cycling and Hiking Fair). The fair for cycling and hiking destinations.

After only one year we almost doubled our visitor and exhibitor numbers!


Presentations and workshops important driving force

It’s getting obvious. Visitors are being inspired by the lectures. Workshops will provide visitors with practical information. A lot of thresholds will be removed. After following the lectures they will visit the exhibition with fresh ideas about bicycles, matching accessories, rambling and camping equipment, as well as travel and holiday information that suits their needs.


Theme Country Greece at our Fiets en Wandelbeurs 2008

Theme Country: Greece

In 2008 we introduced a theme country to our fair. Our first candidate was Greece. It was a big success. The visitors enjoyed a pita with gyros and had the chance to ride a donkey, just like the locals do!


Kids at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Amsterdam

Kids at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs

Not only adults visit the Fiets en Wandelbeurs, kids are also interested in cycling and hiking. In 2009 we had a climbing wall, a bicycle test track and fun activities for all ages. The Fiets en Wandelbeurs is until today a great option for a family trip.


Our one and only Outdoor dump day 2010 Amsterdam RAI

Slovenia Theme Country

Tourism is booming in Slovenia since Melania Trump is first lady in the US. We’d never heard of her at that time but made Slovenia Theme Country of our fair. They were part of the former Yugoslavia and now the new kid on the block in Europe. Someone has to be the first.


First edition of the market for remaining batches of outdoor gear. A great fair to organize once.


Norway Theme Country at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs 2011

Norway Theme Country

It turned out to be a major success! People were almost fighting to access the fully occupied lecture rooms with lectures about Norway. Norway’s booth was the busiest of all.


Our first fair in Mechelen, Belgium - Nekkerhal

Crossing the border: Belgium

Our dreams came true, our first edition in Belgium. Location: the Nekkerhal in Mechelen. Once this convention center was meant as a vegetable auction. Now a real cycling and walking paradise for one weekend.  14,120 visitors Flemish people got acquainted with cycling and walking this first edition! And they love it now!


France Theme Country Fiets en Wandelbeurs 2013

France Theme Country

For many people in the Netherlands, France is the number one country to go to. Good food, sunshine and a nice variety of landscapes. It won’t be surprising that France is where many of the Dutch go to for their first cycling holiday.


E! Magazine

This was the year we published the first edition of E!, the magazine about e-bikes. The latest models are presented, e-bike friendly destinations introduced and questions about e-bikes answered.


Hicle Bikezine

Hicle Bikezine

The introduction of Hicle Bikezine, the on-line bike magazine for the adventurous cyclist. Breathtaking routes, new gear, reviews and travel stories.


In 2014 the Fiets en Wandelbeurs worked together with FietsVAK, the trade fair of the bicycle industry. Both fairs attracted together almost 25,000 visitors.

Logo slightly changed

Fiets en Wandelbeurs logo


Redmond O'Hanlon signings his books at Fiets en Wandelbeurs 2014

Redmond O’Hanlon

Special guest in 2015 is the British writer Redmond O’Hanlon. In his lecture he talks about his hiking adventures in Congo, where he’s on the look out for dinosaurs…


This year we’ve moved the Flemish cycling and walking fair from Mechelen to Antwerp Expo.


Backpackers paradise, how to use a hammock

Cycling and Hiking Fairs Record

A record at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht: 23,762 visitors came to test bicycles, explore bike and hike destinations and shop for new shoes and all other gear.


E-bike Challenge first edition in Flanders Expo Ghent

E-bike Challenge

logo E-bike Challenge

It is time to broaden our horizons so we started a new fair: E-bike Challenge. This is the fair were you can test the latest e-bike models and get your questions answered by the best e-bike specialists.

Hicle Outdoor

We started the first edition of E-bike Challenge in Ghent, Belgium under the umbrella of Hicle Outdoor. It also includes Fiets en Wandelbeurs and Mount Expo, the fair for mountain lovers and climbers as another newcomer.

Logo Hicle Outdoor


Croud waiting to get acces to Fiets en Wandelbeurs, Bike Motion Benelux and E-bike Xperience 2018

Fiets en Wandelbeurs, Bike Motion & E-bike Xperience

The biggest bicycle fair in Europe has been born: Fiets en Wandelbeurs, Bike MOTION Benelux and the E-bike Xperience worked together and attracted 41,376 visitors in one weekend! Location: Jaarbeurs Utrecht.


E-bike Challenge 2019 Minneapolis Minnesota

E-bike Challenge Minneapolis

logo E-bike Challenge

The E-bike Challenge came to Minneapolis, Minnesota! It turned out to be a success. In 2022 there will be another edition. For more information www.ebikechallenge.com.



IBTC – International Bicycle Tourism Conference

First edition! At the IBTC, Hicle presents examples of progress, problems and solutions in the field of bicycle tourism. With interesting speakers and plenty of networking options.


Fiets en Wandelbeurs Online Experience

Fiets en Wandelbeurs Online Experience

During the corona crisis, we presented a 100% digital Fiets en Wandelbeurs, which attracted 4,500 online visitors on 23 & 24 April.


Visitors at the E-bike Challenge 2023 in Minneapolis

E-bike Challenge Minneapolis back on stage

Three years on from the last edition of the E-bike Challenge in Minneapolis, the event was finally able to go ahead again in the Convention Center of that city on 2 & 3 April 2022.

Meet the Hicle hike and cycle specialists

The international team of experts is here to help you.


Theo Jorna

Theo Jorna

Founder CEO. Traveled half the world by bicycle including the Sahara desert before starting the company. Knows everything about plants as he is a biologist.

Stefan Maas

Stefan Maas

Writer, press and media specialist and website content manager. Press releases, Hicle travel reviews, Theme Country expert. Cycles 15 miles each morning to the office and at the end of the day the same distance back home.

Nick Roodenburg

Nick Roodenburg

Our E-bike Challenge specialist and floor plan editor. In the weekend he can be seen among soccer fans of Ajax Amsterdam, cheering on his team.

Ada Sauvé

Ada Sauvé

Our financial controller and booth building expert for many years. Knows almost all our clients personally.

Johan Stuijt

Johan Stuijt

IT-wizard. Fixes everything with ones and zeros: websites, accounting software and even ticketing and access control. Solves problems in his head while riding his bike, plays drums in a rock band.

Mandy van der Maas

Mandy van der Maas

Our newest IT employee. Offers support and solutions with a lovely smile. She gets the job done no matter what.

Dunja van der Does

Dunja van der Does

Marketing and account manager. Our team builder, the oil in the machine! Likes to cook healthy food.

Sylvia Hemelaar

Sylvia Hemelaar

Knows everything about traveling in the USA. Not so strange she maintains our travel agency www.usabiketours.com.
Takes care of everyones hair, no one will have a bad hair day.

Sanne Jorna

Coordinating lectures, social media, event manager IBTC conference: she does it all with great dedication. Loves animals! Especially horses.

Constance Hughes

Our US employee for Hicle inc. and USA Bike Tours. Lives in California, loves Amsterdam and is learning to speak Dutch.

Philip Bernard

Philip Bernard

Our Flemish employee who lives and works in Ghent. Hicle Family specialist and horse lover. He provides horses with new walking shoes while walking barefoot himself.


Dog Appie

Our youngest walking specialist. Sleeps most of the time underneath someone’s desk.

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