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magazine De Wereldfietser magazine De Vakantiefietser


De Wereldfietser (World Cyclist) / De Vakantiefietser (Holiday Cyclist) is a magazine full of amusing and engaging stories, interviews and travelogues about traveling by bicycle, both far away and close to home. Written by and for cyclists. Dutch language only.

Print run 5,000 copies.




Hobbelen naar de Horizon’ (Hobbling towards the horizon) was issued because of the twentieth anniversary of ‘de Wereldfietser’. A summary of 20 stories published in the magazine between 2004 and 2013.




Staren naar de Wind‘Staren naar de wind’ (Staring at the wind) was issued because of the tenth anniversary of ‘de Wereldfietser’. For ten years people have written about their journeys and adventures. This book is a collection of 26 stories.






Fietsen met kinderen

‘Fietsen met kinderen’(Cycling with children) contains sixteen different cycle stories written by parents and children. Stories that take place close to home, but also further away. All stories have one common factor: the kids travel together with their parents. Author: Theo Jorna






bijlage de standaardSpecial publication in ‘De Standaard’

A special publication (24 pages) about cycling and hiking in the Flemish national daily ‘De Standaard’, in the run-up to the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Flanders. With editorials about cycling and hiking destinations, travel stories, exhibitor products & cycling and hiking trends.








fietsenmetkinderen‘Fietsen met kinderen’ (Cycling with children) aims at parents who love to go on cycling holidays with their kids. The site’s forum is an important contact point for parents. Also, ‘Fietsen met Kinderen’ provides information and advice about camping with kids, special gear, travel stories, routes and more.
brings the 400 km long route all around the former inland sea ‘Zuiderzee’ in the Netherlands to the attention of cyclists. Cycling around the Zuiderzee is now a popular activity because of the panoramic views over the water and the picturesque fishing villages and towns along the way.