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People who are hiking and cycling do have resources to spend!

But how do you get cycling and hiking to a region where the facilities are not present? Or how to turn a region into a thriving cycling and hiking destination?

Hicle will get you started!

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Our method
1. Inventory

Before you start something, we make a thorough inventory: What is the potential of your region? Are there opportunities? What are the (potentially) strong and the weak points of your region?

2. Assembly of package requirements

What are your goals? Is it possible to combine these with ‘hicle’ tourism? And what are the requirements to realize viable cycling and hiking tourism? What is needed to improve the weaknesses and what is needed to capitalize directly from your strengths?

We identify the requirements, the various parties have, and combine these with the requirements for cycling and walking tourism. If these do not match, than this will already be visible at this stage. And that can save you a lot of money.

3. Plan of Implementation

How can for example, not yet existing routes actually be developed? Which people and resources are needed? Which parties should be involved in the development?

The transformation to a region for cycling and hiking requires the cooperation of various parties:

  • government
  • local businesses
  • volunteers
  • contractors
  • road specialists
  • and so on

The assembly includes at least:

  • planning
  • administrative¬†procedures such as license applications
  • construction
  • information
  • guidance
  • marketing
  • the financial section
4. Inventory feasibility

What budgets are available, which parties contribute to this, is there sufficient support, both locally and regionally. How much will it all costs and how much money will it bring (think of the local middle class and employment here)?

5. Assisting in executing

Advising during executive tasks and solving problems that arise in practice (eg the construction of routes). And the subsequent step: promotion of the region.



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