Hike & Cycle

The recreational cycling & hiking market in Belgium or Flanders has never been researched well. In 2012 the organization of the Dutch ‘Fiets en Wandelbeurs’ (Cycling & Hiking Fair) decided to cross the border. Mechelen was the location for the first Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.

antwerp expo3

With over 14,000 enthusiastic visitors, the first Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Flanders was a great success. It proved that there is a lot of potential for hiking and cycling in Belgium.

The outcome of the visitor surveys of the ‘Fiets en Wandelbeurs’ in Flanders don’t differ much from those in the Netherlands:

If there is a difference with the Dutch cyclists and hikers, than it must be at the level of financial expenses. In 2014 Belgians spent an average of €2,577 on their holiday, which is the second highest budget in Europe (European average is €2,242)*.

* Source: holiday barometer Europe Assistance 2014

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